Making Democracy Work

Natural Resources

Air and Water

The League supports measures to prevent and control air and water pollution in the Salem area.

Land Use: Comprehensive Plan (1973, 1976)

The League supports the concept of the Salem Comprehensive Plan, urban growth policies and boundary.

Land Use: Council of Governments (1973, 1976)

The League supports local government participation in regional planning bodies (Council of Governments).

Solid Waste (1998, 2009)

The League of Women Voters of Marion and Polk Counties believes that the best practice is waste reduction. The highest and best use of waste materials is through reuse, recovery and recycling. Landfill, incineration and alternative technologies are parts of an integrated waste management system.

Scientific research on the toxic effects of waste disposal should continue. Toxicity testing of leachate, ash, and emissions into the air should be impartial, random and frequent.

Fly ash should be tested separately for pollutants and disposed of as required by law based on test results.

Because public health and the environmental impacts of solid waste disposal are of primary concern, materials found to contribute to the formation of hazardous wastes, such as dioxins and heavy metals, including cadmium, lead, and mercury, should be removed.

To gain public confidence that disposal methods do not harm public health or the environment, local pollution control standards can exceed EPA standards.