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LWV Position Statements

LWV Principles: The League believes that government policy, programs and performance must meet these criteria: competent personnel with clear responsibilities, coordination among agencies and levels of government, adequate financing, effective enforcement, and well-defined channels for citizen input and review.

League Positions are reached after research by a study committee, a written report for study by the membership of the League, discussion at small membership meetings (unit meetings), and agreement on principles by consensus of the membership.

Positions of LWV of Marion & Polk Counties

GOVERNMENT--See full positions

Capital Improvements Financing

Marion County Government

Board of Commissioners

Polk County Government

EDUCATION--See full positions

School Budget

Buildings and Grounds

Community Schools

Rescheduled School Year

School Hours

Growth Policies and Procedures

Physical Education and Athletics

NATURAL RESOURCES--See full positions

Air and Water

Land Use

Comprehensive Plan

Council of Governments

Solid Waste

SOCIAL POLICY--See full positions

Acceptance of Racial Diversity

Aquatics Facilities

Health: Access to Maternity Care

Housing: Manufactured Housing

Housing: Multi-Family Housing

Housing: Special Needs Housing

Juvenile Justice

Public Transit

Positions of LWV of Oregon

Positions of LWV of the United States