Making Democracy Work

LWV Study Reports

The League of Women Voters of Marion and Polk Counties, Oregon, studies local issues and prepares reports for use by our members and the public. In preparing a report, each League study committee gathers information from as many sources as possible in order to prepare an unbiased report. Positions reached after consensus (member agreement) are given in the Positions section.

Aquatics Facilities in Salem (2001)

Is there a need for one or more new public aquatic facilities in Salem? If so, how should they be financed?

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County Government in Marion and Polk Counties (2005)

What does county government do? How open to the public is it?

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Public Transit in Marion & Polk Counties (2012)

Cherriots, CARTS, and CherryLift provide mass transit in Marion and Polk Counties. How are they funded? How can the system and its funding be improved? Read report

School Hours for Middle and High School Students (2005)

In light of research on the sleep needs of adolescents, should the school start time for middle and high school students be adjusted?

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Social Studies in High School (2003)

Will Oregon's high school students be prepared to deal with international issues in the 21st Century global community?

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Solid Waste Management (2007-2009)

A series of articles during a three-year study of Solid Waste Management are grouped here.

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Water (2008-2009)

A report on Water Systems in Marion and Polk Counties (October 2008) and an Addendum to that report (January 2009). Read report