Making Democracy Work


Articles from Focus newsletters of recent years


Articles included in this section:

Ag Forum Reveals Industry's Strengths and Challenges. Read Report

The Business of Agriculture forum. Read Report

What's New in Oregon Agriculture. Read report

Economic Health of the Agricultural Sector. Read report

Animal Management. Read report

Genetic Engineering. Read report

Ag Research and Development. Read report

Food Safety. Read report

Food Labeling. Read report

Agriculture Articles & Videos. See list


Early Childhood Education. Read Report

The Death Penalty in Oregon

"Why I Oppose the Death Penalty" by Edwin Peterson. Read report

"Abolition of the Death Penalty in Oregon." Highlights of February 2014 meeting. Read report


Articles included in this section:

Air And Water Quality in Salem. Read report

Geren Island Water Treatment Facility field trip. Read report

Foreign Policy

Articles included in this section:

China--Changes and Clallenges. Read report

The United Nations Today. Read report


Articles included in this section:

Capital Improvements Program. Read report

Judicial Activism: What Does the Constitution Really Mean? Read report

Homeland Security. Read report

Privatization of Governmental Functions and Services. Read reports

Social Issues

Articles included in this section:

Human Trafficking--An Oregon Reality. Read report

Judge Pamela Abernethy on Poverty. Read report

Poverty in Marion and Polk Counties. (2017) Read report

Juvenile Drug Court. Read report

Immigration. Read report


Mass Transit in Marion & Polk Counties was a local League study in 2011-12. This section includes all the background articles published in the Focus newsletter during those years. Read reports

LWV History

A Short History of the League of Women Voters. Read report

Nina Cleveland Remembers. Read report

Marian Churchill Remembers. Read report