Making Democracy Work

Contact Information for Elected Officials

Between elections, let your elected officials know what you think about issues.

City and County Officials in Marion and Polk Counties

Includes city council members from Dallas, Independence, Keizer, Monmouth, Salem, Silverton, Stayton, and Woodburn.

Includes county commissioners and other officers from Marion and Polk Counties.

Includes Salem-Keizer School Board and Salem Transit District.

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Statewide Officials in Oregon

Includes Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Treasurer, and Commissioner of Labor and Industries.

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Oregon Legislators with Districts at Least Partly in Marion or Polk Counties

Includes State Senate Districts 9-13 and State Representative Districts 17-25.

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United States President, Senators, and Representative for Marion and Polk Counties

Includes U.S. President, Oregon's 2 U.S. Senators, and Oregon's District 5 Representative.

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