Making Democracy Work

Minutes of Annual Meeting

This page contains the minutes of the most recent Annual Meeting.

Minutes of Annual Meeting 2017

The meeting was held on May 15, 2017, at 11:30 AM + 2:00 PM at the Flight Deck Restaurant, Salem, Oregon.

Members present: Deanie Anderson, Peter Anderson, Diana Bodtker, Cindy Burgess, Bill Burgess, Kathleen Clark, Susan Forkner, Sandra Gangle, Iris Gibson, Joan Harmsen, Sally Hollemon, Sharon Johnson, Jan Markee, Jean Massie, Alice Phalan, Barbara Sellers-Young, Jean Sherbeck, Roz Shirak, Elsa Struble, Amy Vandegrift, Kathleen West. Guest: Norman Turrill, LWVOR President

LWVMPC President Cindy Burgess called the meeting to order at 12:00 PM, after members enjoyed lunch. Sue Forkner was appointed Parliamentarian. At the time there were 19 members present, which constituted a quorum. Sharon Johnson and Susan Forkner were appointed to the committee to review the 2017 minutes.

The agenda was amended to include a message from guest LWVOR President Norman Turrill. Diana Bodtker moved that the agenda be approved as amended, seconded by Joan Harmsen. The motion carried.

Jean Sherbeck presented the 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes, as read and approved by the committee of Diana Bodtker, Robin LaMonte, and Jean Sherbeck. There were no corrections or additions from the members. The minutes were accepted as approved by the review by committee.

Cindy Burgess, LWVMPC President commented on our local League's programs presented this past year. (See highlights below in the presentation of Program by Deanie Anderson.) Cindy also mentioned that she and Kathleen West attended a "Huddle" meeting and explained the history and three levels of the League to the attendees. She also referred to the five goals of our local League that are listed in each Focus. At the recent LWVOR Convention the state League adopted concurrence with a California League chapter on promoting "Civil Discourse".

Presentation of Recommended Program (by the Board) by Deanie Anderson. Deanie moved to adopt the program as presented on page 3 of part 1 of the Annual Meeting Workbook; seconded by Amy Vandegrift. One correction + under Advocacy, change the word "should" to "could advocate".

Deanie reminded us that League is a grassroots, non-partisan, political organization. We encourage informed citizens and transparent government.
Deanie defined program as:
◦ Any activity or event that educates members of the community; elements that may bring in new members and stimulate leadership; events broader than just studies.
◦ Program elements include studies and updates; Hot Topics meetings with emphasis on governmental agencies; collaboration with other organizations. Also included are local league interest groups such as Book Club, Great Decisions; local government observers; and interest groups focused on topics of specific interests.
◦ Citizen education is a major goal, accomplished by Speakers' Bureau, CCTV candidate forums and ballot issues forums, Mock Election in schools, voter information publications, workshops, and conducting candidate forums.
◦ We educate ourselves through units, forums, and all activities mentioned above.

As mentioned by Cindy in her message, some program highlights of 2016-17 were voter registration at bus transit mall, a park, and schools; candidate forums on CCTV, and conducting a candidate forum at Capitol Manor. Hot Topics subjects included presentations by Cease Fire Oregon, Marion County Solid Waste, Immigration Detention Centers, and Labor Arbitration. Marge Easley spoke at the Fall Brunch on voter disenfranchisement. LWVMPC co-sponsored two meetings with AAUW, testified at Legislative Budget Town Hall and Salem City Council on the Inclusive City Resolution, and sent a letter to the Metro Council regarding the Marion County Incinerator. Our members came to consensus on two state studies, Election Methods and Public Post-Secondary Education Update.


The national League program for 2017 is focused on Making Democracy Work, a continuing effort to advocate for voting rights. LWVUS also focuses on climate change, representative government, social policy, and campaign finance reform.

The Oregon State League will present the Hard Rock Mining Study this fall for unit meetings consensus.

LWVMPC Program recommended by the LWVMPC Board:

Retain all current LWMVPC positions.
UpdateSpecial Needs Housing for Homeless People and Jobs for People with Disabilities through an interest group to gather information to bring to January 2018 Program Planning with a possible proposal for a study.
Hot Topics: Third bridge and land use in Salem; Covanta solid waste burner update.
Advocacy -- LWVMPC positions on which we could advocate are: Racism, Civil Behavior, School Hours, Public Transit.
◦ Form a LWVMPC Action Committee to better anticipate advocacy opportunities.
◦ Housekeeping -- Review our positions' wording for modern terminology and relevance. Suggest any updates to vocabulary in LWVMPC position statements be reported to the Board.
Discussion: Sandra Gangle suggested that since civics legislation passed in the legislature, the League could offer help with teaching methods to teachers. Janet Markee mentioned the human trafficking issue + possible co-sponsoring event with AAUW was mentioned.
Call for the question (Diana Bodtker) - The motion to approve the recommended program was carried.

Comments by LWVOR President: Oregon LWV President Norman Turrill addressed the group. Norman discussed the state Action group of about 20 members who attend hearings and lobby in support of League issues. He highlighted the ability of all citizens to watch hearings and to follow legislation on the legislative website OLIS, and also the LWVOR weekly Legislative Report for League members to follow. He mentioned the current status of several issues and bills in the legislature.

Norm said that there has been a 20% increase in League members. "Ask what the new members want and put them to work." He said there are new trends in League leadership that will be discussed in the US League Council:
◦ Paperwork. Free up members to do advocacy and voter service + relieve from paperwork.
◦ Simplify rules. Modern communication helps. Finding new leadership styles: executive committee, rotating leadership.
◦ New model of membership and dues: Donors, Supporters (not dues paying), inactive members + how to involve these people.
◦ New financial model. Dues, PMP, fund-raising. Ex: all funds distributed by formula.
◦ Strengthening League infrastructure. Ex: How to include media contacts and financial donors and others.

Deanie Anderson recognized the passing of two long-time LWV members: Dorothy Eberhart and Nina Cleveland.

Treasurer's Report: Elsa Struble presented the Treasurer's report. There are currently 65 individual members and 9 household members. Eleven new members have joined since January 1, 2017.

Jan Markee remarked that she would like the Zimmerman scholarship fund to be used to bring a variety of members into League.

Budget: Roz Shirak, Budget Committee chair, presented the 2017-2018 proposed budget. She explained it is a "status quo" budget. She called for the question, and the proposed budget was approved.

Recognition of Board Members: President Cindy Burgess thanked each past year's Board member for all each had done:

Deanie Anderson. Program
Elsa Struble, Treasurer
Diana Bodtker, Past President
Kathleen West, Voter Service
Jean Sherbeck, Acting Secretary
Chris Vogel, Action
Robin Lamont, Publicity

Sally Holleman was recognized for producing the Focus, and all her reminders of upcoming programs.

Diana presented a gift certificate to Cindy for her work as President.

Election of Officers:

Alice Phalan, Nominating Chair, presented the list of nominees for the 2017-18 LWVMPC Board:

Cindy Burgess, President
Deanie Anderson, Vice-President and Program Co-chair
Kathleen West, Program Co-Chair
Jean Sherbeck, Secretary
Diana Bodtker, Past President/Membership
Elsa Struble, Treasurer
Barbara Sellers-Young, Publicity

There was a recent resignation from a nomination for Action Chair. There are vacancies on the Board for Action Chair, Voters Service, and Nominating Chair.

Barbara Sellers-Young was introduced and said a few words.
Alice asked if there were any volunteers in the audience for the vacant board positions or Nominating Chair. Hearing no further nominations, Sally moved to adopt the slate as presented, Jan Markee seconded, and the motion carried.

Alice thanked all the nominees, and Jean Sherbeck, as a member of the Nominating Committee. Chris Vogel also assisted with nominating suggestions. Cindy thanked Alice for her work as Nominating Chair.

Founder's Award: Alice then described the background of the recipient of this year's award. Cindy Burgess was the recipient, and cited for her many years of community involvement and her years of service to League, plus her current role as LWVMPC President. Cindy was enthusiastically applauded.

Jan Markee rose to thank Sandra Gangle, for her years of participation in LWVMPC and to wish her well in her move to Washington State.

Guidance to the Board:

Susan Forkner suggested looking into the feasibility of participating in an Adopt the Street project. The sign would be publicity for the League. Re: homeless folks, Amy Vandegrift mentioned that her downtown church maintains a portable toilet for the use of homeless in the area.

Sandra Gangle suggested: conduct meetings at ADA accessible locations; encourage more participation in events through more publicity. Involve people in thinking about civility, and preparation for citizenship and voting. Involve student through sponsoring essays, co-sponsor with Library essays or display art focused on civics and inclusivity.

Roz suggested that Hot Topics subject of third Salem bridge might be a dead issue due to new city council membership.

Norm Turrill mentioned that "Guidance to the Board" is the new State and US terminology, substituting for "directions to the board."

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 PM.

Submitted by Jean Sherbeck, Secretary Minutes reviewed by Susan Forkner and Sharon Johnson