Making Democracy Work

Minutes of Annual Meeting

This page contains the minutes of the most recent Annual Meeting.

Minutes of Annual Meeting 2018

The meeting was held on May 18, 2018, at 4:00 - 6:00 PM in the Founders Room at Roth's, West Salem store.

Members present: Deanie Anderson, Peter Anderson, Janet Atkins, Diana Bodtker, Cindy Burgess, Kathleen Clark, Patty Davenport, Bea Epperson, Susan Forkner, Iris Gibson, Joan Harmsen, Sally Hollemon, Rose Lewis, Kathy Patterson, Barbara Sellers-Young, Jean Sherbeck, Kathleen West. Guest: Norman Turrill, LWVOR President

LWVMPC President Cindy Burgess called the meeting to order at 4:10 PM. Members enjoyed refreshments, and business resumed at 4:40. Janet Atkins was appointed Parliamentarian. There were 17 members present, which constituted a quorum. Susan Forkner and Diana Bodtker were appointed to the committee to review the 2018 minutes. The agenda was approved as proposed.

2017 ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES. Secretary Jean Sherbeck presented the 2017 Annual Meeting minutes, as read and approved by the committee of Susan Forkner and Sharon Johnson. There were no corrections or additions from the members. The minutes were accepted as approved by the committee.

PROGRAM PLANNING. Deanie Anderson presented the results of the two Program Planning meetings held in February 2018, as summarized in Part 1, page 3, of the 2018 Annual Meeting Workbook. The Board Recommended Proposed Program was based on those ideas:

LWV Strengths

Ideas for the Future

Ideas for Efficiency (Co-sponsor events with other groups, be aware and do not repeat topics covered by other groups.)

Other recommendations (among them, no new LWVUS studies for 2018-19, urge LWVUS to promote vote by mail to other states, and to support the concept of Medicare for the middle-aged group of persons.) In addition, the following proposals are made to enable our goals to be carried out:

Select Projects and Project Leaders: Each project leader will have the responsibility to plan her project with assistance from a committee of people interested in that project, making sure to continue with integrity to LWV principles and guidelines.

Proposed Projects That Need Project Leaders:
Plan an event on Civil Discourse
Unit Meeting on National Popular Vote
Unit on LVWOR Hard Rock Mining Study
Continue support for LWVUS Making Democracy Work projects
Hot Topics or public forum on the work of District Attorneys

Deanie then encouraged members to fill out forms saying how each person would like to participate in the programs for the coming year. Members were then encouraged to indicate the most interesting activities to themselves, either as participants or attendees, by dropping tickets in various labeled activity jars.

Deanie listed the ways members can contribute our time and skills:

Support our LWV State Action Team at Legislative hearings.
Speak at various meetings as individuals.
Help at events, transportation for members, bring refreshments, etc.

Deanie moved to accept the program on Workbook, Part 1, pages 2 & 3. Barbara Sellers-Young seconded. Discussion mentioned that the program will be flexible. The motion carried.

TREASURER'S REPORT Barbara Sellers-Young presented the proposed budget and 2017-2018 as appears in Part 1, pages 4 and 5 of the workbook. As a member of the Budget Committee she expressed to the members the need to spend approximately $2000 from Reserves to balance next year's budget. She commented that this is a dangerous practice, because the reserves could be depleted in several years. Discussion followed, citing several ways to increase revenue, but no action was taken on any suggestion. Norman Turrill mentioned that soliciting donations from the business community is effective. Rose Lewis spoke on the importance of sending delegates to national and state conventions, and not to cut those items from the budget. Susan Forkner moved to adopt the budget as proposed, seconded by Sally Hollemon. Motion carried.

RECOGNITION OF BOARD MEMBERS President Cindy Burgess recognized each Board member for the work each one did throughout the year, and presented gifts. She presented a gift to Deanie, as she is going off board, and commended Barbara Sellers-Young for her work on publicity. Barbara is also going off-board. Cindy recognized Sally Hollemon for her invaluable behind the scenes work as Focus editor, and sending e-mail updates and reminders of events during the month between Focus editions. Diana presented a gift to Cindy, as a thank you for her two years as president.

CIVIL DISCOURSE ESSAY PROJECT Barbara Sellers-Young will be the project leader for an essay contest in all high schools in Marion and Polk Counties on the subject of civil discourse. She will contact school personnel, community leaders, newspapers. Two League members and three community members will comprise the review team, for three prizes to be awarded. Barbara will solicit $1000 in prize money from the community.

REPORT OF NOMINATING COMMITTEE Diana presented the slate of persons for the 2018 + 2019 LWVMPC Board:

Diana Bodtker, President
Cindy Burgess, Past President
Elsa Struble, Treasurer
Jean Sherbeck, Secretary
Kathleen West, Co-Chair Voter Education

Unfilled positions:
Director, Co-Chair Voter Education
Director, Action
Director, Assistant Treasurer
Diana invited members to self-nominate or nominate another person for a position. None were made. Motion to approve the slate of board members was passed unanimously.

PRESIDENT-ELECT REMARKS: Diana Bodtker expressed her belief that the League is a relevant organization and has the public trust. She cares a lot for supporting the League and is willing to serve again as president. She looks forward to the coming year.

COMMENTS BY NORMAN TURRILL: Norman commented on several timely issues:

  • The LWVOR couldn't do its work without the support of local Leagues.
  • There are now 20 + 25 members working on the State Action team, an increase from the previous 8 + 10 members.
  • Special Legislative session on Monday, May 21, 2018.
  • The 2019 Legislative Session will focus on the OR tax system, climate change, and redistricting in the 2020 - 2021 session.
  • Listed initiatives being circulated or potential ones.

Diana adjourned the meeting at 6:10 PM.

Jean Sherbeck, Secretary